Friday, March 27, 2015

Civil War Booth

What can we say but.....WOW!!!
It's all the real thing folks.  The pride of booth is a selection is a showcase full of ONE FAMILY"S COLLECTION.  

Handsome fellows don't you think?

Included in the collection is the research papers of authenticity.


Other pieces in the same booth include uniforms, cannon balls, trunk, confederate crate, WWI items, Indian war items etc.  Sorry, the mourning hair jewelry has already sold.

Come on in a see a piece of history.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow
...get the "drift"??

Nasty weather, unsafe for drivers.  So, we closed today.  Let's hope that is the LAST snow fall for the year.  I miss my customers.  

Stay home folks.  Stay safe.  We'll open again once it stops snowing and streets are safe for drivers again.

See you then!

Moran's tin sign in almost mint condition $125 first floor booth #15
(Meanwhile back at the shop, we will work on the upstairs.  Deep cleaning and all that type of stuff.  So much for a snow day at home!)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Airplane Propeller !

Wonderful vintage airplane propeller for your MAN CAVE only $200.  Can be found on the first floor by the stairs in TOM756 booth.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Antique Oak Telephone Operator's Desk

Can you say...."One Ringy Dingy...Snort!"  Can't help but think of Lily Tomlin with this beauty.

It can be yours for $495

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


That's pure, cold, hard ICE !!

We will be closed today and will reopen when streets are safe again.  Be safe and enjoy a snow day with your families.

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's a real HOOT here today.  New dealer on the 2nd floor.
Owls from $16

Beauty of a little yellow vanity chair for $52

Also new to our Barn Yard you'll find painted furniture

Is this not the sweetest Dining Room Set !!!
Banquet size Table, leaf, 6 chairs and buffet 
all for $1,550

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas is all over for another "few" months.

Bambi located in #111 front window booth.
New Years has come and gone.
7' Eastlake Wardrobe located in the new BarnYard
The BarnYard is now open in the old Print Shop section of the shop. Dealers are moving in as I type this.
Booth located in the new BarnYard

A new Furnace is being installed in the big building 
(I prefer to be warm!).
 New Dealer by the staircase in #111

Painting is still being slapped onto the walls but now at least it has changed colors.  We are painting building #109 next week.  And  look...we are happy to say GOODBYE to the 1980's border trim.  (You can see it being pulled down in the top right hand corner of the picture below.)
In front of entrance #109
Not even ONE showcase in #109 is where you last saw it.  Everything has been moved.
Civil War Cupboard from Bentonville Battlegrounds in BarnYard

If you plan on visiting us next week you may need to enter through building #111.  As we work on the center building, #107 &  #109 are going to be closed for a couple of days.  
 Man Toilet Paper Roll clip art
That means no access to restrooms folks!  Sorry for the inconvenience but our customers' safety is more important.  We will be as quick as we can.
New Booth in front window of #111